Front-end and UI

Beautiful UI and UX - Straight out of the box.

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Once you’re signed on as a developer partner, your device can be added and managed via the Justworx App on any mobile platform. Your branding and logo’s display prominently on the device lists. You then have the opportunity to design and add a custom Micro-App or Dashboard that gives your customers a unique proprietary front-end with which to control your device. You can use any type of component from the Justworx UI library including buttons, gauges, charts, sliders, indicators, toggles, editors, diagrams, maps and many others.


Built-in Features that everybody wants.

There are certain features and functionality that are expected of any modern IoT mobile App and without them you would never be able to compete. Justworx have developed the framework that allows your device to benefit from all the standard features that are built into the App including User-management, access control, scheduling, geo-fencing and tamper-detection.

Add Users 

Sign users up immediately with an Android and iOS published App. No App submissions or publishing nightmares.

User Management

User-management is already built-in to the Justworx App. Device owners can add contacts and manage their access rights on a per-device basis.

Strict Access Control

Users can control how and when their contacts have access to specific functionality on specific devices.

Advanced Schedules

Users can create as many schedules as they like for timed devices. Schedules can be created on a Day, Date and Time basis.

Sensor / Device Integration and Management

Justworx is a codeless IoT platform, meaning you do not have to write a single line of code to integrate your product or sensor into the platform. Instead, you’ll be using a simple web-portal called to design a driver that allows your product or sensor to communicate intelligently with one or many of the Justworx hardware devices.

Codeless Developer Portal

• Write device drivers to enable your device on the Justworx Platform. No coding required. Use pre-defined or user-configurable rules to define actions and events that need to be performed at the Edge or in the cloud. Zero code.

• Define data structures from basic pin status reads to complex bit level protocols without writing a single line of code.

• Enable Action commands to be sent to your device in virtually any data and protocol format.

• Define events and specify timing, priority and conditions for transmission.

• Test action and event commands in realtime using the integrated test harness.

• Define comms options and configurations.

• Instantly deploy OTA driver updates to your entire fleet.

Fleet Management

• Add, edit and manage your entire device fleet in one application.

• Specify driver versions, front-end UX dashboards, and config settings on a per-device basis.

• Monitor your fleet in real-time for uptime and correct operation.

• Suspend or remove devices from your fleet at the touch of a button.


Justworx realises that no single company, technology or methodology will ever own IoT in its entirety. We work hard to make collaboration part of our ethos and develop APIs and interfaces that make it easy for our partners to integrate with us.

App API - For partners that want to only interface on a very high level and are simply looking for a few lines of code that will allow them to interface with Justworx physical products. Great for access control solution providers (think ticket sales apps that can activate the turnstile at an event) or even loyalty apps (Get a free cup of coffee at a vending machine using the app).

Standard API - Some partners need more control of Justworx devices and may not even wish to use the Justworx App or even a mobile app at all! The Standard API gives you enough control to allow you to control users, locations, devices and security. Interface from your enterprise back-end directly to the Justworx cloud securely.

Rest API - For those large partners that need a lot of control over Databases, cloud, security, users and devices we offer a complete rest API that offers you all the functionality you could ever want to deploy a global IoT network.

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